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What is tai chi?

Tai Chi is a series of precise flowing movements that develop balance, strength, flexibility, focus, endurance and calmness.

The National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic, The Center for Disease Control and other research groups advocate the value of Tai Chi for improving:
• Balance
• Bone density
• Immune function
• Arthritis symptoms
• Mental acuity
• Cardiovascular fitness

Tai Chi Academy of Northern New Jersey Class Descriptions

Tai Chi Short Form is for students who want to learn the Yang Family short form of 16 postures. This form provides a good introduction to Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi. If students wish to continue their studies after learning the short form, they would move into the Beginner Tai Chi class.

Beginner Tai Chi is for students who wish to learn the first 17 movements of the Traditional 103 Long Form. Focus will be on creating a solid foundation of the physical mechanics of Tai Chi and an understanding of terminology used to describe Tai Chi movement.

Intermediate Tai Chi is for students who have completed Beginner's Tai Chi. Course content reviews the 1st section of the 103 Yang Family Long Form moves into the 2nd section of the 103 Form.

Advanced Tai Chi is for students who have completed Intermediate Tai Chi. Emphasis of this class will be on learning the third section as well as standardization of all the movements in the 103 Long Form.

49 Form Tai Chi is for students who have completed the Advanced Tai Chi class. The 49 Form is required to compete in tournaments and features all the postures of the Traditional 103 Long Form without the repetitions.

Sword Form is for students who have completed the Advanced Tai Chi course and wish to learn a weapons form and/or test for ranks higher than Level 2. The Traditional Yang Family Sword form has 67 postures.

Saber Form is for students who have completed Advanced Tai Chi and ideally follows the Sword Form in the student's progression of study. The Traditional Yang Family Saber Form has 13 postures.

Advanced Forms Review is for students who have studied the 103, 49, sword and saber forms. Focus will be on standardization of movements and accurate retention of these forms. This class is recommended for students who wish to advance through the Ranking Tests to Level 4 or higher and who want to earn teacher certification.

Tui Shou (push hands) is for students who are current members of the Association and are at least of intermediate level. Focus will be on learning the basics of the eight energies and their applications and counters via precise practice of the two person Tui Shou forms and strict adherence to the Tai Chi principles and moral code of martial arts. This course is necessary for those who want to progress through the Ranking Tests.

Ranking Tests are for students who wish to have their skills evaluated by a panel of judges certified by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Association. Students must pass both a written and practical exam to earn a Ranking Certificate. There are 6 testing Levels which award medals and certificates. Details concerning the qualifications necessary to test for a rank can be found on the Yang Family website: or from Center Director, Holly Sweeney-Hillman, at the Bedminster, NJ location.

Teacher Training is for students who have passed Level 2 or above in the Ranking Tests and are interested in becoming certified teachers of Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi. To qualify for teacher training, students must be current members of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association who have completed the Advanced Tai Chi class. Student teaching opportunities will be made available whenever possible for trainees.

Classes are offered in three Northern New Jersey locations:
Bedminster, Clifton, and Montclair areas.







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